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Aeromys Implementation Roadmap
  • 0.1.x (complete): Basic reading and composing email. The webmail daemon will be a single thread, with no data monitors. ASMP will be defined and a PHP front-end will be developed.
  • 0.3.x (current): Make webmaild multi-threaded. Implement the data monitor and data cache. Make the internal commands use the data cache instead of accessing the IMAP server directly.
  • 0.5.x (late spring, 2005): Add dynamic analysis of a user's browsing patterns and pre-fetch information from the mail server.
  • 0.7.x (early summer, 2005): Work on maturing the PHP API and PHP front-end.
  • 1.0.x (late summer, 2005): Stability and bugfixes.
On Version Numbering

In the open source world, version numbers have very specific meaning. They are typically three numbers separated by periods. The first number indicates the major release number. If it is 0, that means that no official stable release has yet been made. The second number is the minor release number. Odd minor releases are unstable, development releases, and even releases are stable and considered safe for production use. Finally, the last number is simply an incremental counter that is raised each release. So for example, version 0.3.8 is the 8th release of the unstable 0.3 branch, and no major stable releases have been made.

Screen Shots

The login screen.

This screenshot shows the message index of my inbox.

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