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Aeromys is a webmail application designed for extremely fast access to email through the web. It accomplishes this goal by using predictive caching, meaning that information is retrieved from the mail server before it is requested by the user.
News and Information
RELEASE: 0.5.0
Sun, April 29, 2005
After a stretch that was way too long, the next major version of Aeromys has been released. This sports a completely rewritten back end that uses the libEtPan IMAP library instead of c-client. C-client was giving me too many headaches, and most importantly, it was not reentrant. LibEtPan is a lot better. This new version does not look much diferent than 0.3.1, but trust me, it's better. The 0.5.x series is going to focus on feature enhancements such as user preferences, address books, online help, folder management, etc.
Project Status
Sun, Mar 27, 2005
Yes, this project is still alive and kicking. I have not been able to make releases for the last several weeks for various personal and project related reasons. I am moving the project away from using the c-client mail libraries to using libEtPan. This new library supports more mail formats (IMAP, POP3, Hotmail, MH, mbox, and more) and most importantly it is reentrant. The c-client library was not safe to use in multiple threads at the same time, but this library handles this just fine. I am working on moving over to this library and the next release should reflect this change. Hopefully it will happen in the next week or so.
RELEASE: 0.3.1
Tue, Mar 8, 2005
I'm very excited about this release. It contains the first caching algorithm as a module. It's not very smart, in fact it just does very simple caching--you load data, and it is cached for the next time. But still, it helped me find some flaws in the modular architecture of the previous release. I have fixed those flaws and several stability issues with webmaild.
RELEASE: 0.3.0
Mon, February 28, 2005
This release marks a significant step in the development cycle of Aeromys. The 0.3.x series of releases are going to focus mainly on improving the caching mechanisms internally to the webmaild process. This first release has all the architecture in place to start doing the intelligent caching. In the next couple releases you should start seeing some marked improvement in performance. Note that there is still the serious flaw of all IMAP calls being serialized across all users (only one user can connect to the IMAP server at a time). This will be fixed later this semester I am hoping.
RELEASE: 0.1.4
Fri, February 18, 2005
I've finally gotten back in the routine of releasing every Friday. This release has reply and reply-all functionlity which should help usability. I also removed the custom "from" header element on the compose screen, it will now send from username@domain. There is also now a webmaild.conf configuration file rather than having to recompile the whole thing to change options.
RELEASE: 0.1.3
Mon, February 14, 2005
Close on the heels of the last release comes this new one with a fresh batch of bug fixes and features. Most notable in this release is the much improved session and folder management support. I choose to release so soon because I want to start on the 0.3 version which will restructure the code quite a bit, so I wanted to get these bug fixes out the door first. Thanks for all your help in tracking down bugs.
RELEASE: 0.1.2
Sat, February 12, 2005
Finally, I've managed to release version 0.1.2. It is a complete rewrite of the webmail daemon, sporting multi-threaded support. There are still some issues with c-client not supporting a threaded environment, but I managed to work around that for now. This version won't break any speed records, but it's still pretty good. It also has compose support, which is the last major feature necessary to make this a fully working client. Enjoy!
Ran Into Some Issues
Wed, February 9, 2005
If you're keeping tabs on the project, you may be wondering why I didn't make a release last weekend. Well I ran into some issues with the library I am using to handle IMAP connections. I had worked to make webmaild multi-threaded, but as it turns out the library is not thread safe. So I have had to rethink and restructure the inner workings of webmaild. I have a good architecture designed now that accounts for these issues, but it will take a little bit of time to implement. I hope to make another release later this week.
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